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Address:31 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596709


Welcome to Pariposa Preschool

At Pariposa Preschool, we see children as capable, respectful and careful individuals in the classroom and in their use of materials. Giving them the tools they need to complete their work just seems like second nature. We believe these children are capable of assessing their needs, developing methods for achieving their goals, and assessing risk and outcomes. Teachers are always a part of this process. We listen to the children, act as sounding boards, offer suggestions, and provide boundaries when necessary.

Children are capable beings, and if we respect their capabilities we will very often be amazed by what they can do. Offering them real tools is a way we can show respect.

At Pariposa Preschool, We Involve the children. Talk to them. And we are always Positive!


Love, Protection and Care

Our Tuition

A deposit of one month non-subsidised fee is payable upon enrolment in addition to the 1st month school fees. All payments made except for deposit are non refundable or transferable in any circumstances.

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What’s Happening

Our school year starts in January and children are enrolled in classes as long as vacancies are available. The Centre is open all year round and will be closed on Public and designated school holidays.

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We OfferThe Following Programme







What makes us different?

At Pariposa Preschool, we are committed to maximizing the children’s potential, preparing them for formal education and instilling an attitude for Love of Learning and Love of School through our emergent curriculum.

Our philosophy on Early Childhood Education is to provide high quality, professional, early education programs for your children.

The environment at Pariposa Preschool provides the necessary freedom, allowing each child continual opportunities for choice, discovery and decision making.