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4 Reasons why an emergent curriculum is important to your child’s development

 1. Your child learns best when she is engaged

Have you ever noticed there are times where your child is extremely interested in a particular topic and ask questions or talk about it all day? This is because your child is engaged. An emergent curriculum helps children to be engaged by extending their learning on a particular topic. 

For example, if a child is curious about an Apple, she will touch it, taste it, draw it and talk about the shapes and colours. The teacher will probe further with questions such as, “where can you find apples?”,”why are apples red?”, “does an apple come in other colours, why?”, “why are there seeds in an apple?”, “how can you grow them?”, “Is there any other animals or insects that eat Apple?”

 Get the idea? Together with hands-on activities around the topic, your child will continue to be engaged with their learning environment and absorb the most out of it.


2.  Your child will be exposed to a broad topic about the world

When emergent curriculum is thoughtfully planned by the teachers, your child will be learning without limits. How does that happen?

 Attentive teachers note down the questions asked by your child during the daily activities ranging from drawing, colouring, watering plants, washing hands and so on. During the activities, children will ask questions such as, “where does water come from?”, “where will it flow to?”

 Teachers will observe your child and plan her learning according to her interest. Teachers will guide your child on experimenting to search for the answers.


3. Your child will have a strong foundation in their learning

 A key component in an emergent curriculum is a project work. Project work allows your child to study in-depth on a topic over a few days or weeks and it can even involve the whole class. Teachers will observe the interest of each child and the class to design project work that helps to enhance your child’s learning.

 By crafting a project work around your child’s interest, your child will be motivated to learn and experiment. This will lead to your child practising critical thinking and having a deeper understanding of the topic.


4. Your child will learn faster than you can imagine

 As your child grows in an environment that encourages questions and interest in learning, the amount of knowledge captured is beyond your expectations. Imagine your child start off by learning about an apple, to the life cycle of an apple tree, and even knowing the conditions to successfully grow an apple tree.

 Your child’s interest and curiosity about the world around them, together with the aid of an emergent curriculum is one of the critical keys to groom them for their future.


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