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Our Director


Sonia Sharma


Bachelors of Science (Hons) and Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Teaching and leadership).

Sonia is an educator who has been involved in early childhood education in Singapore for over 10 years, holding various teaching and leadership roles at both Local and International schools.

As a mother of 2 young children, Sonia values the importance of quality pre-school and inquiry based learning.

Sonia is passionate about teaching and implementing love of learning through our school’s core values and firmly believes children learn best:

  • When the classroom and school environment supports their emotional, social, cultural and educational needs
  • When the learning is authentic (ie. involves real world problems)
  • When they feel respected and self- directed.
  • When there is a positive relationship between teacher and student.

She recognises the importance of parents and teachers working together to ensure a positive learning environment for each child’s development. She believes in the importance of having a cosy and caring environment which allows children to be creative and adventurous. She incorporates a hands-on, multisensorial programme at her centre.


What makes us different:

At Pariposa Preschool, we are committed to maximizing children’s potential, preparing them for formal education and instilling an attitude for Love of Learning, Love of School through our emergent curriculum.

Our philosophy on Early childhood Education is to provide high quality, professional, early education programs for your children.

The environment at Pariposa Preschool provides the necessary freedom, allowing each child continual opportunities for choice, discovery and decision making.