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Address:31 Toh Tuck Road, Singapore 596709


Our Teachers

  • Our teachers are experienced, educated and – most important of all – dedicated to the education of young children!
  • Our kitchen and dining area is designed to accommodate a pleasant, relaxing break time.
  • Meeting the needs of our teachers is essential in helping them meet the needs of your children. Each teacher makes a special contribution to our program in addition to their knowledge of child development, teaching strategies, classroom management and communicating with you, the parents!
  • Pariposa Preschool employs trained, talented & passionate staff for our children. Teachers will work toward our Goals by organizing and implementing the Pariposa’s activities to serve the ever-changing needs of the children.
  • Staff development is important to us and staff will participate in regular in-house workshops and be encouraged to attend further training and development courses as well as to participate in Action Research.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences, parent meetings, and parent involvement in the Centre’s programmes will help build a strong bond between parents and staff for greater success as partners in the care and education of the children.

“You never want to get on a plane where the pilot learned to fly from worksheets.”