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Pariposa 2016 Parents Testimonials

Liam comes home singing a variety of English, Chinese and Malay songs and tells me about the metamorphosis of a butterfly to my surprise. He looks forward to the lego robotics lesson on Mondays. Kudos to the teaching team lead by Sonia for their unwavering efforts in fostering learning through play and observation. School is so much fun. I hope to be part of it!

~Ong Suat Ghee (Liam’s Parent – K1)

It was a pleasure seeing my daughter, Shayista developing and progressing in school. It is heart warming to know that the school cares for the children and outs in the effort to introduce more subjects and enhance children’s skills and development through its curriculum. Shayista has learned so much and continues to share with me the great activities that go on each day at school.
Special thanks to the Pariposa teachers for their daily involvement and regular updated to the parents. It makes me feel like attending the class everyday..

Kudos to the teaching team lead by Sonia for their unwavering efforts in fostering learning through play and observation. School is so much fun. I hope to be part of it!

~Hanim (Shayista’s Parent – K2)

I would like to thank Zhang Laoshi and Ms. Dinali in teaching, guiding and loving Charissa. I would also like to compliment Zhang Laoshi as being a dedicated Chinese teacher who is able to teach very well and help Charissa to build a strong foundation and love for Chinese language.

~Christina (Charissa’s Parent -K2)

At first when there’s a change of management, I was skeptical about the learning-through-play program. After discussing with the Principal about the curriculum, I think I had made the right decision to give it a try. RA enjoys every bit of the learning process. It sets him to be thinking independently and creatively. He was a shy boy but now asks to express himself openly in show-and-tell. He is more confident and expresses himself better. He loves the science classes where the class gets to have hands-on experiences about nature to understand about rough and smooth surfaces and many more. He also understands how the earthquakes are like and how the different buildings will help to reduce the tremors felt through Lego play. He also learns to be more disciplined through the Chinese弟子规. It’s a wonderful experience and all credits to the dedication given by the teachers and management.

~Hong Li Hua (Choo Rong An’s Parent)

I enrolled my child with Pariposa when she was 20 mths old. My daughter has been blessed with awesome teachers who understand her challenges and handle her with grace. She has learned so much in barely 3months since she joined the center. I love the pictures the center has sent to keep parents posted on the activities the child has engaged in for the week.

~Linda (Tasmin’s Parent-PG)

Pariposa 2016 Graduants Testimonials

I like Pariposa because we can go on a field trip and we can also play outdoor play. My favourite game is catching I also like Lego Robotics because we can build things.

~Charissa Liang

I like my teachers and my friends. I like going to school. I like Jolly Phonics and also listening to stories.

~Gwendolyn Yeo

I like Art and Robotics. I like Robotics because Lego is my favourite thing. I like art because I like painting. And I learn lots of English and Chinese. I am so excited because when I go to my primary school I can make new friends and teachers.

~Jonathan Goh

My favourite subject is Science because it is fun! If you want the stick to stuck on a balloon, you use a stick with olive oil and you poke through, then nothing happens, it won’t burst.

~Choo Rong An

I will miss my friends and teachers. I like Pariposa because we went to see a play. I like Pariposa because we have the slide, the bike, and the sand. I like to colour and draw.

~Sireen Shayista

I will miss playing with my friends and teachers. I like Jolly Phonics because you can learn the sound first. You can learn how to spell and read.

~Thea Ramadas